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Fisherman sweater

A Fisherman’s sweater is always the right choice

Which garment is like a soft cozy hug, works just as well all year round and always keeps you warm and well-dressed in that classic way? If you ask us it’s definitely our Fisherman’s sweater Vinga (adult) and Mike (kids).

Our fisherman sweaters have become real ebbe classical. Fishermen's swetaers, or Icelandic shirts as they are also called, have been used by fishermen at sea for hundreds of years. A warm sweater was a must out on the great oceans where the sweaters would block out both wind and water. Our pattern is inspired by the then sailors from Sweden's west coast.

The sweaters are knitted from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. They are available in two different color schemes, white on blue and blue on white. The sweaters are available for both children and adults so that the whole family can match each other. They are just as suitable for a cold spring day as for autumn and winter.


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