Outerwear baby

Overalls in different materials and for different seasons for the baby. An overall is the baby's or perhaps, the parent's best friend during the autumn and winter months. Here you will find our fleece overalls and our warmer padded baby overalls.

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Fleece Overalls

ebbe's popular fleece jacket is a real classic and of course even the youngest ones should have the best! Our fleece overall is aa first choise of many parents for several reasons. The fact that it can be used all year round, has a comfortable fit, has a zipper that simplifies dressing and undressing, foldable pockets in the leg and sleeve ends and is made of recycled polyester are just some of the reasons. Find your new favorite here.

Padded Baby Overalls

We have comfortable, padded baby overalls in different materials and sizes for babies. Our baby overalls are designed with two zippers at the front that make dressing and undressing easier for you as a parent. Our quilted baby overalls are impregnated with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO. Here you can see all our padded baby overalls and read more about them.

What does Bionic-finish eco mean?

BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is a more environmentally friendly alternative to water-repellent impregnation on outerwear. BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is an alternative technology that is completely free of fluorocarbons, formaldehyde and paraffin.