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Welcome to the Rescue Collection

At ebbe, being environmentally conscious is part of who we are and what we do.
Even though we are a small player in the world of fashion, we know we must all work together to look after our amazing planet, and each other too.

With this in mind, we invite you to be part of our sustainability project: The Rescue Collection.

Small actions making positive impact

Our latest endeavour is all about small actions making positive impact. As a result of this project, we have already helped save a small family-run company in India, by rescuing fabric from the supplier and making sure it is not wasted. This is the essence of The Rescue collection.

An ethical approach to fashion, with a focus on eliminating fabric waste.

Why does fabric need rescuing?

Imagine this: You are a small family owned fabric supplier. A customer orders fabric and you purchase it. But before production starts, they cancel. Now the fabric is left in your factory and no one wants to take responsibility for it.

This is a very expensive problem. You have paid for the yarn, weaving and dying of the fabric and no longer have a buyer.

You could survive this unexpected event, but you still have fabric in stock from another customer that cancelled one month ago. This happens to small suppliers all the time but that knowledge doesn’t help.

Before long, your capital is trapped in stock that is just sitting in your factory. This means the end of your family business and you see all the years of hard work wasting away.

This is the sad reality for many small family suppliers, like our supplier in India – but not if companies like ebbe step in, rescuing the fabric and making wonderful use of it!

You as a consumer should know that by purchasing The Rescue Collection you are supporting a small family-run business in India, the workers in the factory will keep their jobs another day and fabric will not be wasted.

The products in the collection

A series of limited-edition garments made from high-quality rescued material GOTS-certified chemical-free prints on organic and ethically produced cotton. A unique look for this season of sustainable fashion.

Do a good deed, be part of the rescue.

Part of the team in South India who made our "Rescue Collection"

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