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Save Togs

Save Togs - ready-made combined outfits for children and babies

Sometimes it happens, that at the very bottom of the box, a lone garment is left quietly waiting on the stock shelf. A sad little tog.
There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s soft and nice. Cozy and comfortable. It was simply left behind when all its siblings found new families.

Now it’s looking for a loving home too.

Everything produced by us should be given a chance

At ebbe, we want everything we produce to be of benefit.
All our clothes should be used, loved, inherited, and be a part of a child’s happy little adventure.

With this in mind, the design team has handpicked a number of environmentally conscious choices and is now launching the concept “Save Togs!”
Lovely little collections of ready-made outfits for children and babies, at favorable prices.

Each outfit is unique, as it only exists in one edition – making it the perfect gift.

Planet-conscious collections at great prices.

Plus, life is full of decisions, and sometimes we want easier choices to free up time and energy.

Here’s how "Save Togs" works:
• Each outfit is composed of garments of matching size
• Each individual package is sold at a discounted and favorable price
• Prices vary depending on which goods are included
• Each outfit is unique and only available in one edition
• Each outfit has one or more combination possibilities
• Garments cannot be exchanged between different outfits
• You can return all or part of an outfit package
(Price is clearly stated per garment, refunded upon return)
• You cannot change the size because it is often the last one
• All outfits are from ebbe but can be a mix from different seasons

Let our design team help with their handpicked mini collections that make the perfect gift.
We’ll even wrap it nicely - just let us know.
Perhaps for the grandchildren or a friend’s newborn that you want to gift a whole new cute outfit.

Your choice made super easy with Save Togs!

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