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Ecology & Sustainability

Sustainable and recycled 



The work and development to find alternative fibers to use in our collections are constantly evolving. We always work to make our collections more and more sustainable and a future goal is to always choose organic cotton where possible. Please see all our organic styles.

Ecology is so much more than just organic cotton and we work daily on our long term goal to find cooperations that will enable us to take us to the next sustainable step.Please read more about how we work with a sustainable production.

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Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown without any chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers, which means that cultivation has less impact on our soil and the people who grow the cotton.

Mulesing free wool

The wool in our garments are mulesing free. Mulesing is performed to prevent a fly attack and is an operation where a fold of skin at the intestinal opening of the sheep is removed. This procedure often occurs without anesthesia and therefore causes great pain for the sheep. We have chosen to completely distance ourselves from this.