A limited collection of high quality clothing

Capsule wardrobe is an old term from the USA that refers to a wardrobe with a limited collection of coordinated clothes that matches each other and harmonize in color and expression.

A capsule wardrobe for children contains fewer garments but consists of well-thought-out purchases of clothes in a high quality. This type of wardrobe saves you as a parent both time and money.

From an environmental sustainability perspective, a capsule wardrobe is absolutely spot on - it stimulates timeless choices and counteracts over-consumption and the purchase of clothes with a short life cycle. Sounds like a dream, but feels way too far away?

No worries, ebbe guides you how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for children. Come along!


Capsule wardrobe for children in five steps:

1. Start with a simple wardrobe clearout
Which clothes are used frequently and which ones are just filling the wardrobe or work as extra clothes? Donate the clothes that are not being used anymore or no longer fit.

2. Be patient
The clearout does not have to be perfect immediately, it is an ongoing process.

3. Choose some classic and timeless garments that sets the tone
By letting garments that are timeless in their expression set the tone for the wardrobe, the wardrobe does not lose its common thread during a season change. These garments should therefore maintain a high quality and withstand both washes and seasonal changes.

4. Color coordinate
A successful capsule wardrobe can be mixed and matched between all garments - that's why color coordination will be just as necessary as fun. In this guide, we have selected three different colors that sets the tone for each wardrobe; blue, green & beige.

5. Go ahead,
Enjoy your new capsule wardrobe. A wardrobe with fewer garments - but with endless possibilities.


kapselgarderob barn


kapselgarderob barn