Autumn is here

For ebbe and the rest of the clothing industry, autumn is here to stay. Since June 2018, we have been working on our collection and a few months back we started to plan for the webshop. We are now ready to launch the new styles for fall 2019.

Autumn collection and the vision of a more sustainable production. This fall, we are proud to present a collection that is 80 % sustainable. This is the most durable collection ebbe has ever produced.

For us, it is important to think ethically from idea to production. We make conscious choices regarding everything from the garment's material composition to where we geographically choose to place production. The importance of good suppliers who want to follow our “sustainability journey” cannot be overstated”, Mikael Thor, VD ebbe.

In this post, we thought we would give you a “behind the scene” look and some background thoughts on our autumn collection. We asked Alexandra Belfrage, our designer, to tell us a bit about her work.

The design process

Alexandra -ebbes designer
Tell us a bit about creating this collection?

- I wanted to emphasize the mystique of the forest and the sea and how we make imprints on our earth. Both in the choice of sustainable materials and production but also in the look, feel and expression. Inspired by illustrators like John Bauer but also the mystique and the excitement of space and what we see in the stars. All this is integrated with the "big and dark blue", mother nature and its magic.

You have hand made a few prints for the collection, tell us about that?

- I try to put together all the ideas for the collection and then I form a story around them. In the end, I tie them all together in different prints with coherent colors and shapes.

Can you summarize the prints in three points:

1. The imprint we make on earth and mother nature - the earth interspersed with pine trees and flower prints in various variants.
2. Forest and sky - John Bauer's Scandinavian forest with pines, cones and needles and the sky above with the zodiac signs. What´s written in the stars?
3. The big blue - the mystique and significance of the sharks in the seas, but also old fashioned fishing villages and boats. Patterns such as Faroe Island-inspired knitwear.

Tell us a bit more about the "mystic sky" print.

- The word mystique was one of the key words when I created the collection and that was also the word I continued to explore and be inspired by. Tarot cards and its connection to the stars came in to my mind and how everything is "written in the stars". Hence the objects in the print, tarot cards, solar system, moon and stars.

Any other favorite print in this collection?

- My heart beats a little bit extra for the shark print, not only because I have an extreme interest in sharks but also to highlight the human, sometimes ignorant approach to the sea with all the dumping of rubbish, plastic, and chemicals. The sharks are an incredibly important part of our ecosystem, top of the chain in the sea and they indirectly convert a large proportion of carbon dioxide into oxygen, which in turn allows us to breathe.

Thanks so much, Alexandra for your inspiring words. 


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