The little school of fabrics – velour

What is velour? 

Velour is similar to velvet but it’s a knitted fabric with great elasticity. The velour styles from ebbe are made in a soft mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Velour - a 70's fabric

The fabric was very popular during the seventies and has over the past few years been in fashion again. A perfect material that is both great looking and comfortable.

How is velour made?

Velour has the same structure as terry (usually used in towels) but the difference is that the loops are cut off. This process creates excess fibers that will come off when the garment is new.

How do I treat a velour garment?

Velour is a slightly delicate fabric and needs some extra care.

  • Always wash separately the first few times
  • Wash inside out on 40 degrees gentle cycle
  • To add some shine to the fabric you can use softner
  • Put the garment in a dryer at a low temperature
  • Shake gently afterward, you can also use a clothes brush or roller to remove the excess fibers


All the best with your new velour garment!

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