Late summer is here and we can still enjoy warm days and cool dips in the sea. But faster than the apple ripens on the branch, autumn is here and with that, cozy night on the couch and an opportunity to watch those TV series you've heard so much about.

We asked Team ebbe, designer Ellinor, founder Mikael, Linda and Veronika who work with marketing, social media, newsletters and webshop which series they are looking forward to this autumn.

Here’s the top picks for the upcoming TV season from Team ebbe:

• Becoming Elizabeth: Costume drama about the young Elizabeth Tudor, the girl who in the 16th century would become Britain's most iconic queen - Queen Elizabeth I.

• The Bear: Messy, fast-paced restaurant series.

• Succession: Crazy portrait of a media family loosely based on Rupert Murdoch's empire.

• Afterlife: Fantastic series about life, and life after death, by Ricky Gervais. Expect both tears and laughter!

• Babylon Berlin: Award-winning German series about the young detective Gereon Rath in 1920s Berlin.

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