Ocean and forest

Production, BSCI and REACH

Sustainable production

Main production countries are China, India and Turkey. The majority of our production partners are members of the Amfori organization ((https://www.amfori.org//). This is a European initiative to ensure that the members will be able to guarantee that the products are manufactured in good working conditions throughout the supply chain. There are strict requirements and guidelines in areas such as working environment, fire safety, working hours, salaries and freedom for trade unions to operate. Child labor is strictly prohibited. 

Our suppliers ensures that no harmful chemicals or non-approved levels of harmful chemicals are used in our clothes according to REACH. We never use real leather, fur or pearl in our products. Details in fake leather are made of PU based material.


The GOTS standard is an international eco-label. This means that every step in the production chain is controlled, from cotton cultivation to the final product. The certification also includes strict controls of wages and working conditions.

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